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World's First Public Demonstration of New Self-Calibrating Wi-Fi Switching Technology From Aruba Wireless Networks

 Enterprises Gather in New York City to See the First Wi-Fi Switching System
             To Automate Deployment and Reliably Secure Air Space

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Marking a major milestone in the advancement of wireless network technology, many of the world's largest enterprises gathered in New York City last week to witness the first public demonstration of new Wi-Fi switching technology.

Keerti Melkote, co-founder and vice president of Product Management, welcomed a cross-section of leading companies from financial services, industrial manufacturing and government sectors.

"In this day and age, seeing is believing," said Emile Rashkovich, first vice president and CIO of Sentinel Real Estate Corporation in New York City. "I was there. I saw it. And it works as advertised."

The demonstration, held at the Tribeca Grill on Thursday, January 16, showed three new Wi-Fi technologies, never before available within a single system. The demonstration included:

    -- automating the site survey process and providing self-healing,
       self-calibrating  Wi-Fi networks to lower costs and simplify deployment
    -- locking the air with wireless intrusion prevention to proactively
       protect against internal and external security breaches
    -- mobile firewalling that allows companies to ensure secure user mobility
       and provides policies for different types of mobile users.

Aruba's WLAN switching system is the first to combine a variety of new Wi-Fi technologies heretofore available only in discrete point products. In addition, Aruba has added significant new capabilities, such as mobile firewalls to make wireless networks more secure than wired networks and automated Wi-Fi calibration, which now radically simplifies the large-scale deployment of Wi-Fi networks (see related release).

"This was a significant event for the Wi-Fi industry," said Pankaj Manglik, president and CEO of Aruba Wireless Networks. "New Wi-Fi startups have been long on vision and short on working product. As an industry, we must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a reliable, secure and scalable Wi-Fi infrastructure can be cost-effectively deployed. We've done just that."

About Aruba Wireless Networks

Founded in February 2002, Aruba Wireless Networks Is a privately held wireless networking startup based In San Jose, California. The company is credited with developing the world's first enterprise-class Wi-Fi switching system that lets corporations lock the air, automate the deployment of large-scale Wi-Fi networks, and ensure seamless mobility by a variety of different users. Aruba Wireless Networks has received $10 million of Initial venture funding from Matrix Partners and Sequoia Capital. In addition to Its founders, Pankaj Manglik and Keerti Melkote, formerly from Alteon WebSystems, Cisco Systems and Intel Corporation, Aruba's Board of Directors includes Shirish Sathaye, general partner at Matrix Partners, Doug Leone, general partner at Sequoia Capital and Dominic Orr, former chief executive officer at Alteon WebSystems. Visit Aruba Wireless Networks at .

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