Sentinel Real Estate Corp. Selects Sendio to Provide eMail Integrity

Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:00am EDT
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- Company Reports Lower Total Cost of Ownership Than Previous
                         Anti-Spam Solution -
IRVINE, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
Sendio, Inc. (, the enterprise email integrity
company whose products ensure that users receive all legitimate email
messages but block all viruses, bots, phishing attacks and spam, today
announced that it has been chosen to provide email integrity for
Sentinel Real Estate Corporation ( Sentinel and
its affiliates manage portfolios of real estate properties valued at
$5 billion, including over 156 properties in 29 states, for pension
funds and other institutional investors.

   "We have about 700 users on our system, and we receive a huge
amount of email - about 130,000 per day," according to Sentinel's
Senior Vice President and CIO Emile Rashkovich. "Needless to say,
fighting spam, viruses and other unwanted emails is a priority for us.
We were using MIMEsweeper, and found that while it was pretty
effective, it still required a lot of tweaking and updating. We wanted
to eliminate the administrative overhead associated with a filter
system, and two months ago we turned to Sendio, which doesn't require
us to devote our support resources to constantly updating filter
algorithms. This has allowed us to lower our overall costs."

   Kevin Bowyer, CEO of Sendio, said, "One of the critical flaws of
filter-based systems is that the bad guys are always one step ahead.
As a result, companies that provide filter-based systems are
constantly updating and tweaking their systems, meaning that their
customers have to endure the ongoing inconvenience of keeping current.
Sendio is simple to use: just install it and forget about it."

   Sendio's I.C.E. Box is a stand-alone email security appliance that
controls both the inbound and outbound flow of email messages.
Incoming communications from known senders are authenticated, scanned
for viruses and then delivered immediately to the appropriate inboxes.
Email from previously unknown senders is "challenged" to verify that
the sender is not an automated spam generator sending messages
anonymously. Only legitimate email is forwarded on to the server.
Similarly, outbound messages are checked to ensure that no "malware"
is being sent inadvertently to other businesses. The I.C.E. Box scales
from hundreds of users to tens of thousands, and can process email in
any language.

   About Sendio, Inc.

   Sendio, Inc. is the developer of revolutionary email integrity
products supporting enterprises that depend on email as a key tool for
collaboration between employees, customers and partners. The Sendio(R)
I.C.E. Box services appliance blocks 100% of spam with zero "false
positive" lost messages, allowing businesses to have complete trust in
their email communications. It was named the "Best of the Best"
product of the year by Government Computer News. Sendio was founded in
2004 and is based in Irvine, Calif. More information can be found at

for Sendio
Richard Berman, +1-415-359-4906

Copyright Business Wire 2008

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